A Historical and Genealogical Resource for the 
Mansker-Minsker Family

Most who have ancestors bearing the name Mansker -- and many Minskers -- can trace their lineage to Ludwig Mäintzger, a young German immigrant who stepped off of the ship Christian VII at the port of Philadelphia on 13 September 1749.

This website contains research, evidence, pictures, stories, historical accounts, resources, etc., that are available to document the descendants of Ludwig Mäintzger.

We welcome Mansker family info. Old family photos, family stories, newspaper clippings, or tall tales, it doesn't matter...  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. them. We will post them here.

Dennis Mansker's old Mansker Chronicles site is still available exactly as it was when it was transfered to me. You can visit it here. I will not be changing anything on the old site for those who enjoy its familiarity.

Cousin Dennis Mansker sent us the entire collection of "The Man from Mainz" newsletters written by Betty G. Massman from

According to the PBS website, The Sweetest Sound, Mansker in 2000 is surname number 25,161 in popularity in the U.S.. Minsker is rated 104,588; these results are culled from the Social Security Index.

Mansker-Minsker Tour

Take a Google Earth virtual tour of locations important to the history of the Mansker-Minsker families. See satellite photos of Merchingen, Germany, Clark's Valley PA, Mansker Station in Goodlettsville TN and much more.