These are photographs of the old Mansker Cemtery in Rockwood, Illinois. It is the burial place of Samuel Mansker and many of his children and other family members. See also Rockwood Cemetery for a list of individuals buried here.

These photos, up through picture 19, were taken by Cameron Cook, an engineer on the Union Pacific. The shadow across the first picture shows the railroad cars of his train as it was stopped by the cemetery. 
He wrote to me in March 2003:

"You know the Internet is quite fascinating. I am a locomotive engineer for the Union Pacific Railroad and for years I've gone past a small cemetery near Rockwood, Illinois on my trains. Due to its location I've never been able to go down to it. Yesterday I finally got the opportunity and, taking my digicam with me, took some pictures. Quite interesting in that it is quite old. Today I downloaded the pics to my computer and did a Google search for Samuel Mansker. Bingo! I found your site and read up on Samuel."

Our thanks go out to Cameron Cook for taking the time to snap these photos and then follow up to find who would be interested in them. I am sure his thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated by the entire Mansker family.

  • The Old Mansker Cemetery, Rockwood, Illinois
  • Another View of the Old Mansker Cemetery
  • Another View of theCemetery
  • The Grave of Samuel Mansker
  • The Grave of Nancy Crawford Mansker
  • The Grave of Elizabeth Bartel Mansker
  • The Grave of Nelson Crain Mansker
  • The Grave of Mary Catherine Kinnison Mansker
  • The Grave of Ellen Mansker
  • The Grave of Addaliza Mansker Kirk and Stephen Kirk
  • The Grave of John Samuel Kirk
  • The Grave of William Sivbert
  • The Grave of William Sivbert's wife, Barbara
  • The Grave of Eliza Moore
  • The Grave of Nancy, wife of Wal Griffith
  • The Mississippi River, Looking Downstream
  • The Mississippi River, Looking Upstream
  • The Kirk Bridge
  • Cameron Cook's Train
  • Another View of the Old Mansker Cemtery
  • A Final View of the Old Mansker Cemtery