Mansker-Minsker Tour

Take a Google Earth virtual tour of locations important to the history of the Mansker-Minsker families. See satellite photos of Merchingen, Germany, Clark's Valley PA, Mansker Station in Goodlettsville TN and much more. 

If you don't already have it, you'll need to first download the Google Earth application and install it on your computer. 

When you've done that, click here: Mansker-MinskerTour.kmz. The tour should open in Google Earth. If it doesn't open Google Earth automatically, you may have to download it to your computer and double-click on it from there. 

When it does open, you'll probably have to expand the tour to see all of the locations. Use the little icon at the left of the name to show the various sites from our our family's past. Clicking on one of them will tell you a little something about it, and double-clicking on it will "fly" you to the location.