The Edward Mansker family was drawn to Thebes, Illinois during the development of the town and the building of the railroad bridge across the Mississippi River. 

edmansker2Ed married Hattie Island Pearson on 3 Apr 1902 in Randolph County, Illinois, and afterward they moved to Thebes, Illinois. Ed Mansker had learned painting from his father, Jacob Lewis Mansker, and applied his talents to building and creating signs for the various businesses, and also painting the new and old buildings in the booming town. He was also a fun, family guy. One photo shows Ed while apparently painting a building, and falling off a ladder spread-eagle fashion while looking into the camera. 

porch manskers

Ed and Hattie had their family in Thebes, and apparently did well while Ed was working. A photo shows the family posing on their porch. Their first child, baby Chloe Fern, died before she was a year old.  From the photo, we can see the fine linens they possessed, which shows that Ed was making a decent living even in the early years of his family.


Their oldest surving daughter, Edith Irma married Frank A. Wilson.

Their daughter Goldie Ray married first John Ivan Wyatt, and after John's untimely death, she married Leslie "Hippo" Sullens. Goldie was a homemaker, but also worked in Thebes. John worked on maintaining the Thebes bridge and also had his own garage for repairing autos. He also worked at the Crab Orchard Ammunitions plant, and it was on his way home from work one night that he was killed in a violent car wreck. Goldie then went to work at one of the local saloons in Thebes, where she ultimately met her future husband, Hippo Sullens. Hippo was a train engineer for one of the railroads. Hippo moved Goldie and her three children, Virginia Rosamond, Betty Jo, and Johnie Coy, and Virginia's daughter Carole Jean to Alma, Illinois.