Note: Thaddeus Mansker was a son of Samuel Mansker
State of Illinois
Randolph County


Plaintiff Cost
Justice Fees

Affadavit .35
Docketing .25
Taking Bond .35
Issuing Writ .50
Continuance .15
Issuing Notice .25
Subpoena .25
Serving writ .10
Satisfaction .10
Judgement .25
L. E. Barnes .50
Constable Fees:
Service .50
Mileage .30
Posting .75
Subpoena .25
In the Justice Court before Justice Wiliam G. Harry

Demand of the Plaintiff $53.30 In Attachment

1883 December 26 -- Affadavit filed. Bond and security taken and filed on attachment was sent out and delivered to Constable Sympson, made returnable January 2nd, 1884, at 10 o'clock A.M.

December 27th -- Attachment returned at this date with the following endorsement--no property found to levy upon, read the within attachment to Samuel Mansker as guardian of the said defendant at the request of the plaintiff. Case continued to January 18, 1884, 6 o'clock P.M. Notice issued to defendant and delivered to Constable James Sympson to post up as the law requires in such cases and made and provided. Cost of the necessary taxed at two dollars and sixty five cents ($2.65).

January 8, 1884 -- Copie returned with the following endorsement. Served the within by posting three copies of the same as follows to wit: One in the post office and one at the store of Benjamin Richards and one at the store of P. J. Wagner in the town of Rockwood and one copy mailed to the defendant whose post office is Chester, Illinois. Constable fee seventy five cents.

1884 January 18, 10 o'clock A.M. The demand of the plaintiff being for one note given by the said defendant and in favor of the plaintiff dated June 12, 1882, for one hundrred bushels of corn to be delivered to the Rockwood Wharf six months after date signed by said defendant. The case being called and the plaintiff Isaac Moore the plaintiff appeared. Defendant being called comes not but fails to appear and show cause why judgement should not be rendered against him. the plaintiff and Levi Barnes were sworn and testified in the case and after hearing all the evidence available it is considered by the court that the plaintiff have and recover of the said defendant the sum of fifty three dollars and thirty cents ($53.30) against assets in the hands of Samuel Mansker and costs of suit herein taxed at four dollars and eighty five cents ($4.85).

William G. Harry
Justice of the Peace