On the 6th of June 1885 a family of Manskers arrived from Germany on the ship Main. The manifest ID number for the entire family was 38204. The port of embarkation was Bremen, Germany; I don't have the destination location -- I presume it was New York.

This family consisted of:

  1. August Mansker, M. age 42; Occupation: Laborer; last residence Germany.
  2. Anna Mansker, F. age 46; Occupation: Wife; last residence: Germany.
  3. Albertine Mansker, F. age 13; Occupation: Unknown; last residence: Germany.
  4. Friedr. Mansker, M. age 10; Occupation: Child; last residence: Germany.
  5. Auguste Mansker, M. age 8; Occupation: Child; last residence: Germany.
  6. Bertha Mansker, F. age 4; Occupation: Child; last residence: Germany.
  7. Ernst Mansker, M. age 11 months; Occupation: Infant; last residence: Germany

Like the Manskirch Manskers, these are some additional Manskers who were not descended from Ludwig M√§intzger.

Does anyone have any additional information on these Manskers? I'm especially interested in where in Germany they came from, how they came to have the name "Mansker", and what happened to them after they got to the United States. If anyone can help, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..