The following two articles are from the book Gateway to the West: Eastland County History, published in 1989 by the Eastland County Book Committee. Both articles were written by Sallie Hutchinson, descendant of Casper Schmick and Mary (Polly) Mansker. 
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The Schmick Brothers

Eastland County History would not be complete without the Schmick brothers. Casper and Polly Mansker Schmick of Randolph County, Arkansas, had several sons, only three lived to manhood, and a daughter, Dixie, died at age twelve. Peter Isaac (Ike) was born April 5, 1836, Henry Slavern, born December 28, 1838, and James K., born 1840. They were in the Confederate States of America Army during the Civil War.

In 1868 they came to Texas and settled in the Alameda Community of Eastland County before it was a county.

Henry S. and James K. moved to hand helped establish the town of Eastland. Henry S. was the first sheriff of the county, 1875 to 1879. Ike was the first elected county clerk, 1878 to 1883 or 1884. James K. was the third sheriff, 1882 to 1891.

There is a story told about James K.'s kind-heartedness. There was a wagon train of people that had come into town and camped along the river. A man from one of the wagons came into the general store and got...groceries that he needed. He then told the owner that he didn't have any money to pay for the things. He took them and walked out. The owner sent for James Schmick to go and arrest the man and get back the groceries. James found the man, who had a wife and several small children that was very hungry. After finding out the circumstances, Sheriff James Schmnick went back to the store and paid for the groceries out of his own pocket.

Henry S. married Sina J. Lawrence. They had one child, Maudie L. born April 12, 1883, died May 29, 1889. The reared Sina's sister's daughter, Agnes Harwood. They and F. W. Harwood are buried in the same cemetery lot in Eastland. James K. married May A. Brown. They had no children. They are buried in the Eastland Cemetery. Ike P. married Mary P. (Molly)...They lived on 160 acres in the Alameda Community. Mary P. died January 4, 1898.

Ike P. lived in Eastland while he was the County Clerk and after, he married Janie Trimble Bagwell in 1880. They had two children, Janie Ethel, and Tom. Ike P. died January 13, 1892; he was buried beside his first wife, Mary P. and his son James H. in the Alameda Cemtery.

The Schmick Family

Isaac Peter Schmick was born April 5, 1836, to Casper and Polly (Mansker) Schmick in Randolph County, Arkansas. In about 1856, Isaac Peter, known as Ike P., married Mary Hickey, born Jan. 17, 1836. They had one daughter, Mary L. (Molly), born Dec. 24, 1858, while they lived in Arkansas.

Ike P. had two brothers, Henry Slavern and James K. The three brothers were in the Confederate States of America Army during the Civil War.

In 1868 Ike P., Mary, Molly, Henry S. and James K. Schmick came to Texas. They settled in the Alameda community near Mansker Lake. Henry S. and James K. later moved to and helped establish the town of Eastland.

Ike P. and Mary had three more children, Cora Lorena (Luttie) born March 25, 1868, James H. born May 11, 1871 and Sallie Alice born July 17, 1874. Sallie Alice would later become my grandmother. They lived on 160 acres of land that Ike P. had bought from McLennon County. It was located between Nash Creek and the Leon River. He raised cattle. On May 12, 1874, he registered his cattle brand, Ike on the left hip. On Oct 28, 1875, he registered a brand for his wife Mary, which was Ike+. Over three years later, May 10, 1879, he registered three more brands. Ike L for his daughter Cora Luttie, Ike H for his son James H. and Ike A for his daughter Sallie Alice.

January 4, 1878, his wife Mary P. died, leaving him with three children at home ages ten, seven and three years. The oldest, Mary (Molly) had married James T. Motley in 1874.

Ike P. Schmick was the first elected county clerk of Eastland County. He served from late 1878 to late 1883 or 1884.

In 1880 he married a widow, Phebe Jane Trimble Bagwell. She was born June 20, 1850, in Mo. She had one son, William Alfred (Will) Bagwell, born Nov. 11, 1871. Her husband, John N. Bagwell, had died April 4, 1878. the Bagwells and her brother, Riley Trimble, lived in log cabin near Nash Creek. Ike P. and Janie had two children, Janie Ethel, born Jan. 9, 1882, and Tom F., born Nov. 3, 1886. Cora Luttie Schmick married Anderson Lafayette (Pat) Butler about 1885.

In 1886 and 1887 there was a severe drouth in this area. Sallie Alice would tell her children many time in year to come. There was no rain for over eleven months. The Leon River and all the creeks went dry. The only source of water for miles around was the Stanford hole, Ellison Springs and McGough Springs. The Stanfied hole was along the Leon River on the property owned by the Stanfied family. Everyone in the Alameda community got water here. The women would bring their dirty clothes and wash them here. the Ellison Springs was about seven miles south and the McGough Springs was about seven to eight miles west.

In January, 1889, Sallie Alice Schmick married Houston House Moseley. He was born January 6, 1862, to Ben and Rebecca Moseley in Cherokee County, Texas. He had one brother, James A.

Houston House and James were raised by their mother and her brother, Asa Bell. On May 14, 1889, Sallie's brother James H. was killed while riding his horse. He was eighteen years old. He is buried in the Alameda Cemetery.

Houston House raised cattle. On Nov. 5, 1881, he registered his brand.

He and Sallie had one son, William Asa, born Sept. 24, 1889. He was a premature baby, weight two pounds. They didn't think he would live' they stuck him down in a warm pot of coffee to help get his circulation going. When Asa was eighteen months old his daddy, House Moseley, died on March 24, 1891.

After the death of her husband, Sallie Alice married Charles Macklemore Prestidge in Sept. 1891. Charlie, or C. M. he later became know as, was born March 10, 1869 to J. H. and Caroline (Henry) Prestridge in Hood County.

On January 13, 1892, Sallie's dad, Ike P. Schmick, died from pneumonia he caught while serving on a jury in the old, cold, airy courthouse in Eastland. He was buried by his first wife, Mary P. and his son James H., in the Alameda Cemetery. His widow, Janie Trimble Bagwell Schmick, married James Oscar Warren on Feb 13, 1893. James was born March 25, 1865. He had never been married. They had one daughter, Jessie Ophelia, born July 25, 1894.

All of the Schmick children went to school at Alameda.

Miscellaneous Notes for Henry Slaven Schmick:

Letter from Major General G. H. Bridges, Adjutant General, The War Department, 3 December 1930, in response to a request for Henry's service records:

The records show that Henry _ Schmick, Co. A, 7th Arkansas Inf., C.S.A., enlisted July 26, 1861, at Camp Shaver.
Muster roll August 31 to October 31, 1861, shows him discharged September 17, 1861, cause not stated, as a private.
Not found as Henry S. Schmick, nor as of Co. E, of this organization.
Henry S. Schmick, Co E, 38th. Arkansas Inf. (Shaver's Regiment) C.S.A., enlisted July 8, 1862, at Pocahontas, Ark.
Appointed 2nd Lieutenant October 18, 1862.
Muster roll Jan. & Feb. 1864 (latest on file) shows him present, a 2nd. Lieutenant.
Prisoner of War records show that he was paroled June 8, 1865, at Shrevesport, La., a 2nd. Lieutenant. Residence: Pocahontas, Ark.
Date of capture not stated.
Henry's Confederate Pension file number: 48073 Eastland County

Henry's obituary from the Cisco Daily Press, Cisco, Texas, 2 Feb 1937:

First Sheriff of Eastland County is Buried Sunday

EASTLAND, Feb 2 - Funeral services for Henry Slaven Schmick, 94, Civil War veteran and first sheriff of Eastland county, were conducted Sunday afternoon in the courthouse rotunda.
Schmick died Saturday morning in the Confederate home at Austin, where he had been since May, 1935.
In charge of the funeral was Rev. W. A. Richardson, pastor of the First Christian Church at Eastland. Talks were made by Cyrus B. Frost, Earl Conner Sr., and Ed T. Cox, Sr., of Eastland. Burial was in Eastland cemetery. Mr. Schmick's wife died about two months ago.
Schmick was born in Arkansas Dec. 28, 1842.
During the war between the states he served as first lieutenant in the Seventh regiment of infantry in Arkansas.
In 1868 Schmick and his brothers, Ike P. and James K., came to Texas and settled near Manskers lake in Eastland county, where they engaged in the cattle business. He was elected sheriff in 1873 when the county was organizing. He held the office nearly eight years, resigning to engage in the merchandising business. He was in business until about 1918.
Pall bearers were Fred Dreinhofer of Ranger, Sanford Dean of Ranger, Earl Conner Jr., of Eastland, Elmo Hill of Eastland, Cy Butler of Eastland and Loss Woods of Eastland.
Those who attended from out of town included Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pettit of Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Jinx Garrett and children, Bobby and Elizabeth, of Dallas; Mrs. Ethel Schmick Ramsey, a niece of Mr. Schmick, and children, Gorman; Mrs. Ethel Hammer and Mrs. Meta Short of Austin, and George Phillips of Dalhart.

Obituary from the Rising Star Record, Rising Star, Texas, 4 Feb 1937:

First Sheriff of Eastland County Buried at Eastland

Henry Schmick, First Sheriff, Dies in Old Soldiers Home at Austin at age of 94

Funeral services for Henry Schmick, first sheriff of Eastland county, were held at Eastland Sunday afternoon and interment made there. Mrs. Schmick passed away in the Old Soldiers' Home at Austin early Saturday morning. 
The former officer was preceded in death by his wife, who passed away at the home in Austin in the early fall. 
Schmick has many relatives in the county and is well known throughout all its cities and communities. 
A picture of the county's first sheriff now hangs in the sheriff's office in the courthouse. 
The decedent was born in Arkansas on Dec. 28, 1842 and joined the Confederate army in 1861, serving as a first lieutenant in the 7th Arkansas regiment until 1865. 
He came to Eastland County in 1868 and entered the cattle business. When the county was organized in 1873, he became the first sheriff of the county, being re-elected in elections held in 1876 and 1878, serving more than eight consecutive years in office. He was a lifelong member of the Christian church.