George Mansker Jr. was the oldest son of George Mansker. He was born circa 1770 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and died on 22 December 1822 in either Lawrence County, Arkansas or Wayne County, Missouri. Copies of his will have been found in both places so it can't be determined with any accuracy exactly where he was at the time -- the best guess is Wayne County.

George Jr. was known to have been married twice, the first time to someone whose name is not known, and the second time to Elizabeth Cox, the daughter of John Cox and Sarah/Sally Nunnally. A number of children were born to these unions (see Descendants Page), including Rebecca Mansker, who was born in Tennessee on 6 March 1811. Rebecca grew up to marry James P. Ingram and they were the parents of, among others, Joseph William "Blind Bill" Ingram.

She is buried in the Ingram Cemtery near Maynard, Arkansas, with the following tombstone inscription: 

Ingram, Rebecca (Mansker)
dau of George & Elizabeth (Birdaux)
wife of James P
died 27 Jun 1888 age 77 yrs 3 mos 21 days

This indicates that Rebecca was not the daughter of Elizabeth Cox. However, there are no records showing a marriage by George Jr. to Elizabeth Birdaux; if there were such a marriage, it would also have meant that George and Elizabeth Cox would probably have had to have obtained a divorce, and there are also no records of such a divorce.

Some other possibilities are that (1) whoever supplied the information for the tombstone was mistaken; (2) Elizabeth Cox married a Birdaux after George's untimely death and was therefore a Birdaux by marriage, or (3) George, like his first cousin once removed, Samuel Mansker, involved with more than one woman at a time.

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