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David W. Thomson Discussion started by David W. Thomson 5 years ago
Samuel Hook's story is filled with lots of drama. His parents were slave owners from Virginia, who left that country and moved to Louisa County, Iowa, which was a long ride by wagon train. Samuel was likely five or six years old during the move. When his family settled in Iowa, he had a falling out with his family, most likely something related to his older sister who married and was taking over the household. At the age of 18, Samuel left home and traveled to Bois Brule, Missouri and lived with some people. There he married Minerva McBee and began his own family. Samuel didn't talk much about his parents to his children. And while still married to Minerva, Samuel had a child by Sarah Coleman, and then a child with Minerva was born shortly after Sarah's child. Minerva died a year after her son, Green, was born. Samuel married Sarah six months after Minerva died. Samuel then went to fight in the Civil War, and while he was away, both Sarah and her son died. Sarah's son, George, died in 1864. Samuel returned from the war in 1865 and married Mary Cuterell (also remembered as Crow). Samuel and Mary took the body of George back to Iowa to bury him at the same cemetery where Samuel's parents were buried. Samuel died in 1869. 

It took a while to piece this puzzle together. Details of figuring this puzzle can be seen in this discussion on Wikitree:


And in the Wikitree biographies for Samuel L. Hook:

and his father, Elisha Hook:
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