The Privacy Policy of The Mansker Chronicles conforms pretty much with the US Census guidelines for releasing information. I will post on the public pages no personal/genealogical information on any living individual without his or her specific request (see the M*nsker Line for example), and in general you will find no information on anyone born after about 1930. However, exceptions are made for people who are deceased, such as the 1959 story of the murder of Clarence Ralph Mansker. 

There are no Internet "cookies" on this site except for the one set when you access the Mansker Gatherings page. The only thing it does is create a small file on your computer that contains your user settings to the site, and the only time that cookie is used is when you return to the Mansker Gatherings page. It is not used for anything else. 

Your personal information will not be sold to outside services, and it will not be used for any purpose other than genealogical research. However, The Mansker Chronicles site does provide advertising to help defray the costs associated with maintaing this site. The advertising company, Google Adsense, has its own system of tracking the activities of Internet users, which has nothing to do with the efforts of The Mansker Chronicles' administrators activities. It is conceivable that at some time in the future, custom printed family genealogy books may be made available, and your basic public information, such as your name, birth date, birth place, death date, death place, marriage date, marriage place, and a biographical sketch may be included in accordance with generally accepted genealogical privacy rules. As a general practice, the first names and vital statistics of living persons are not shared publicly.

However, unless you specify otherwise, any genealogical information that you send me will be added to my database and will be shared with other family members. Any information that falls outside the guidelines noted above will be accessible only from the Mansker Gathering pages, which is password-protected so that only fellow family members have access to it. 

If you have any additional privacy concerns, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.