Randolph County, Arkansas, has been the home to Manskers since around 1817, when George and Elizabeth, along with sons George Jr. and William, moved there.

Just east of Maynard, Arkansas, in Randolph County, there is a small Mansker cemetery. It is just off Fowler Road, on a high hill, on land now owned by the Smith family.

There is one unmarked but identifiable grave, and one marked grave in the cemetery: Neal Mansker, March 10, 1850 - Feb.19, 1912.

The Old Mansker Cemetery, Randolph County, ArkansasNeal Mansker's Headstone

A book in the Randolph Co library entitled Randolph County Cemeteries and Burial Sites by Margaret Barnhart says that C J Mansker, wife Sarah and their 2 daughters Ava & Daisy, are buried in this cemetery:

Cornelius Jasper Mansker
Sarah ( Robinson) Mansker, wife of CJ
Daisy Spencer, wife of Hulen, daughter of CJ and Sarah 
Ava Goodwin, wife of Ed, daughter of CJ and Sarah, twin of Daisy

However, this account has been pretty much discounted by local researchers. In reality, Daisy and Ava/Eva Mansker (twins) are not buried in the cemetery. It appears, however, that Cornelius Mansker and Neal Mansker are in fact the same person. Ava's obituary states that her father was named Neal Mansker. The 1900 census lists his birthdate as March or May (the writing is unclear), 1850 -- the tombstone lists March 1850. On the other hand, according to the Arkansas Death Record Index, Cornelius J Mansker died Feb 24, 1914, which doesn't gibe with the date on the tombstone.

Incidentally, the 1900 census does not list the twins, but the census was taken on 20 June 1900, and they were born on 22 June 1900. The census does list C J, his wife Sarah, 17-year-old daughter Estella, and 14-year-old son Cornelius. The son was also known as "Bud" and he later developed a unique set of legal problems all his own (see the Inquiries page).

A 1910 Randolph County Directory lists "CJ Mansker, age 60, married to a Miss Robinson with two girls, Eva and Daisy".

Cornelius Jasper Mansker's father was Matthew Casper Mansker (see the Descendants page); his first wife was Euromanda Hamilton Biffle (m. 1873). He obviously remarried sometime between 1873 and the 1900 census.

The Old Mansker Cemetery, Randolph County, ArkansasA View of the Two Graves
The Old Mansker Cemetery, Randolph County, ArkansasAnother View of the Two Graves

The Old Mansker Cemetery, Randolph County, ArkansasPanoramic View of the Pasture Behind the Graves.

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